Developing the next generation of leaders

With three areas of study to choose from, SEU Seacoast’s programs allow students to earn a degree while learning in a community environment and experiencing hands-on training.

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General Education
SEU Seacoast offers a unique experience through the combination of academics with practical, valuable, hands-on learning.

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School of Ministry
If God has placed a calling on your life to use your skills in a vocational ministry environment, then we can help you.

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School of Worship
Leading others in worship is an incredible privilege. If you feel this calling on your life, we'll help you take your next steps.

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SEU Seacoast has not only been my dream college, but it has blessed me with family and friends for a lifetime.


School of Ministry Student


Hands-On Learning

Practicum is a unique part of what sets our partnership with Southeastern University apart from other types of programs. Students get a chance to implement what they have been learning within the classroom and can choose any ministry or organization that fits within their field of study.

We believe hands-on, practical training is a crucial part of your education. You will have the opportunity to serve in a ministry area you’re passionate about with an experienced ministry leader. Students enrolled in one of Southeastern’s academic programs can earn up to 12 credit hours over the course of 2 years by participating in weekly ministry practicum.

To complete your training in a ministry-related program, you have two options for practicum.

Serve at Seacoast Church
Seacoast Church will have a number of areas in which you can gain ministry and practical hands-on experience in a number of different areas including: Pastoral, Next Generation, Worship, and the Arts.  Everything from kids ministry to digital design can be experienced in a hands-on environment in the practicum setting.


Serve in your home church
If you are actively serving in your home church, don’t stop! We will partner with you and a ministry leader from your church to meet practicum requirements. First, talk with who you will serve under to ensure he/she is willing to supervise your experience. That person will need to fill out a simple form with contact information and his/her approval to oversee your practicum experience.

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