School of Worship

Leading others in worship is an incredible privilege. If you feel this calling on your life, SEU Seacoast can help you take your next steps.

The School of Worship at SEU Seacoast Campus trains students in the area of worship ministry. In this area of study, you will work alongside Seacoast Church staff and volunteers to learn about aspects of ministry pertaining to worship, weekly ministry needs, hands-on training in different worship areas, leadership classes, mentorship, and music training. A student will need to audition to be accepted into this practicum.
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Practicum Opportunities

Worship Leading Skills / Music Theory
Music theory to meet functional needs of worship leaders: chord theory, rhythm training, transposition, sight singing, ear training, number systems. Music fundamentals will also include: reading music, rhythms, etc. Worship leading skills such as set planning, spiritual preparation for the weekend, creating directors charts to teach from, casting vision for a worship ministry, rehearsal techniques, and solving problems within a worship team will be covered extensively.

Worship Team Development
Students will be formed into a worship team, meeting several times weekly. Skills, experience, and excellence will be developed in band rehearsals, with each person having opportunities to develop team leadership abilities. Set planning, preparation of music, planning and leading rehearsals, worship leading, and musical direction will be some of the main areas addressed. Student teams will be given extensive opportunities to lead worship at the Mount Pleasant Campus and at other Seacoast Campuses.

Worship Leading Workshop
This is an intense, individualized workshop focusing on solo worship leading and leading in front of a team. This class meets one day a week. Students are given feedback from experienced worship leaders, on their worship leading, team leading, and instrument playing.

Vocal Harmony
This class will focus on everything vocals. Students will learn skills in finding, singing, and teaching harmonies. Students will learn the importance of accurate intonation and blending.

Vocal, Guitar, & Piano Individual Lessons
Each student will have the opportunity to learn different instruments and develop vocally in one on settings weekly. These individual lessons aim to strengthen each specific craft within a worship environment.

Our songwriting course will give students the opportunity to compose, workshop, and record original songs.

Church Technologies
This class includes hands on training and experiences in technologies used in worship. This includes church media, sound engineering and tech, track design, recording and much more.

Track Design and Recording
In this class students will learn how to operate Ableton, create their own tracks, clicks, guides, and effectively map out sessions to be used in a worship experience. Additionally, students will learn how to pre-produce a track, set up demo sessions to be recorded, collaborate with other artists, and product a full track from start to finish.

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